About Grant Garrett-Grossman

Who am I?

Nice to meet you! My name is Grant Garrett-Grossman, a Computer Science major and Global Studies (with a thematic focus on Governance, Conflict, and Resolution) minor at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

I survived the French Baccalaureate program in high school at the Lycée Français de Chicago and emerged from that fire bilingual in French and English with a decent grasp of German. You can probably find me reading the nearest book, biking, or coding (you can check out some of those projects here).

My interests involve international security and the role computer science plays in strengthening and undermining it.

About this site

Welcome to my website! It hosts a combination of my portfolio and various mostly tech related blog posts, musings, and tutorials. If you have to time to burn, please feel free to poke around.