What is that fancy graph

For my 11th grade science fair project, I studied artificial intelligence and its mathematical roots by building a convolutional neural network (a special deep neural network adapted for images) capable of recognizing handwritten digits.

This project consists of a pipline:

  1. The user inputs the raw drawing
  2. The system crops this drawing, turns it into a square, and resizes it
  3. This modified image is passed through the CNN (which was trained earlier)
  4. A prediction is made


This project won 1st place out of the entire high school for the science fair.

Some more beautiful graphs

Graph of learning rate Graph of learning accuracy Graph of model Interactive screenshot
A couple of nice graphs of this mode. From left to right: learning rate, training accuracy, a graph representing the model, and a screenshot of the entry window.

But wait, there’s more!

I have open sourced the code, and you can check it out on Github here . It is pretty neat if I may say so myself, so feel free to just clone and run it if this piques your interest.