Guess what: A brand new website!

1 minute read

Guess What?

I finally got around to building myself a website! Repeat, I finally got around to building myself a website.

Why Should You Care?

Honestly, you shouldn’t. It almost certainly will not have any life changing effect on your life (if it does, please let me know as that may qualify as a miracle and make me eligible for sainthood).

The True Meaning of it all…

42, no wait… The true intention of the website is fourfold:

  1. Actually put all of the eclectic devops and webdev skills I have acquired for various reasons to use for me.
  2. Provide a centralized place for me to put any random thoughts I may have, as well as any tips or tricks I have come across in my projects that I would rather not forget and that might be helpful for you, my dear reader.
  3. Host a portfolio of the projects I have worked on.
  4. Because it just seemed like fun to put together and self host a website.

Back to the Future!

Soon enough this website will have more then enough content to satiate the appetite of anyone, even those willing to read the musings of some random internet person, so please stick around and check back soon.


Currently, I am planning on putting together my first article/tutorial on what else but the creation of this very website (hint: the day Debian works out of the box is the day that chickens will have teeth).


Until then, have a nice life, but first a random and wise quote from your favorite always smoking Frenchman.

Man is the only creature that refuses to be what he is.

Albert Camus